Are you a brand looking to reward and retain existing consumers?

Are you planning to invest in promotional activity?


Rewards, offers, incentives... call them what you want, they all have one thing in common. They drive results and consumer engagement.

Offer redemption marketing is all about targeting a current or potential customer to take action, whether it’s collecting unique codes from a drinks bottle to claim a prize or liking a brand on Facebook for a chance to win a prize. These offers can be distributed through a number of channels and often result in highly effective campaigns with very clear ties to revenue and additional customer loyalty.

As great as offer redemption campaigns are at delivering results (and they are), they often turn into logistical nightmares. Tracking customer responses, fulfilling incentives, and reporting campaign results are just a few of the many pitfalls that can prove difficult to navigate. Skip the headaches and eliminate the risks with an Offer Redemption programme built and managed by D2F.


D2F Rewards is a specialist provider of brand promotional activity programmes. Using wholly owned technology and fulfilment infra-structure, we deliver innovative, cost effective, and measurable promotional solutions. Via a single online platform we execute a broad range of engaging programmes that include member referral, loyalty campaigns, redemption schemes, staff rewards, contract end programming and more.

The solution begins with a customised offer redemption portal (online) that’s the core to the programme. One of its functions it to manage the many offers and the channels that are used to promote them. In store, social, direct mail and email are just a few of the channel options available. The portal is also where the redemption process is initiated either by a customer or a front line employee.

After a ‘form’ has been submitted, the offer’s status can be tracked and checked through the same portal for optimum visibility. Reports can also be generated from the portal showing overall campaign statistics but importantly the whole process from management of redemption to delivery is carried out in house by D2F.

So if you are looking for an online solution to host your campaign with the entire programme under one roof from build to management to delivery, please contact D2F. We will be happy to help.